Sunday, September 28, 2014

blog party!

Oh my goodness-- I am so tempted to drop everything this very moment...and play with fabric! I just watched Carrie Bloomston's new DVD: Art Techniques for Quilt Design. I am inspired! And if it wasn't for the looming deadlines, I truly would declare TODAY a play with fabric day and make art.

I have this idea to incorporate Carrie's wisdom and artistic freedom into a daily exercise. It should not take much time at all. Start with a little warm up, choose a source of inspiration and execute a little piece of art each day. I can do this. Drawing from Carrie's expert instruction, her confidence building techniques, and most of all, her permission to let my inner artist come out and PLAY. Yup, sometimes it takes a gentle nudge to find or shall I say make time to spend in the moment. Carrie reminds me--creating art is just so much fun!

I usually operate from an ‘all or nothing’ stance, meaning I can't start anything unless I have a huge chunk of free time. Really? Who has that kind of time? The time is NOW! And with this new found inspiration, I must take that leap away from ‘all or nothing’. Little bits of art each day is so much better than thinking about what I will make when I have the gift of free time. That is a liberating thought.

So here is my challenge: Will you join me in my streak? For the next 5 days I will allow myself time to make a little art piece. It’s only 5 days.

I am taking part in this blog party to celebrate Carrie's new DVD. If you would please go to Carrie's site:

and leave a comment, I would feel the love and not be alone in stepping out of my comfort zone. AND you have a chance to win your very own copy of Carrie’s new DVD!
Okay, so thank you.
I will show you today's little piece of art tomorrow. Promise.

Let the COLORS, fabric and artistic magic begin!


Carrie's new DVD


  1. I will check on your blog tomorrow! ;-)

    1. Verena, I lost track of time...again! But check out my Day 1"Mattie's nest" -- it's a start:-)

  2. Would love to join you for the next 5 days! Excited to see your next post.

    1. Becca, thank you for joining the challenge! Can't wait to see your colorful work:-)

  3. Oh my gosh! Wonderful, YOU! Thank you so much Claudia! I can't wait to see more of your imaginative creations. So much gratitude and thank you for your support and kind words. xo, cb