Wednesday, September 3, 2014

hello there!

I just read Carrie Bloomston’s post “Believe in Yourself.” What a boost!
I have been thinking about starting my blog for so long now, it’s ridiculous.
I have been blogging in the form of… ahem…email. That’s right. That place you go to and hit delete, delete, delete! I have lots to say, and I’m just so happy to be here, finally.

First, an introduction...
Hello, my name is Claudia Dallas Gomez, of Devoted To Color.
I am a designer, fiber artist, teacher and maker of beautiful COLORFUL things.
I teach fabric dyeing from my studio in Redondo Beach, CA.
I am also teaching a series of Modern Quilting classes at SewVac in Long Beach. I can’t wait to show you my next class project: Quilt Market Tote.
A big shout out to Windham Fabrics & Chris DeVoe for sending me fabrics from the just released collection PAINT by Carrie Bloomston. And here is the finished product:

Quilt Market Tote designed by Claudia Dallas Gomez
All fabrics are from Windham Fabrics Paint Collection by Carrie Bloomston


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    1. Einfach,
      You are from Munich? I LOVE Munich! I spent 4 days wandering into museums and took a bicycle tour all while my husband was in a conference. Such a cool progressive place to live. Nice to meet you! And thank you for your comment:-)