Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Queen Mum

What? It’s Tuesday? Darn! Today is DAY 1 of my 5 day challenge. And even though I have already lost the light of day, I do have a little piece of art to show. I’m calling this “Mattie’s Nest”. Mattie is just a paper cutout but soon she will be fabric, full of life and curious moments like this one.

I spent the last two days in a whirlwind of bittersweet moments as I said goodbye to my Mom. I always like to pack as many of her favorite activities into the last 2 weeks of her summer visit with me. Today she flew back to her winter home with my sister. Some of the highlights: going to our favorite opera, La Traviata, shopping for yarn in the most gorgeous colors, our big family birthday party, & eating sushi 3 times in 2 weeks!!! My mom loves sushi so much and I love to see her enjoy it. I hate saying goodbye at the airport, but we made it fun. She wore her magic ring that lights up and flashes. As I pushed her past the long lines at the airport, she, with my prompting, did the queens wave. She is a very good sport at age 96. Bye mom--see you in 2 months.

I will return to Mattie’s Nest when I see can see all the glorious colors in the light of day...

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