Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 2 - Fetch!

I had so much fun making Mattie's nest. Here it is ready to stitch.

For today's challenge, I am taking on gesture & movement. Australian Shepherds need to work. Usually, Mattie is a sleepy girl in the morning. Often we get up and tiptoe out the room... don't want to wake the DOG. That is, until I taught her to fetch the newspaper. Oh, there is nothing like an Aussie with a mission. She can barely wait for me to open the door. Then she launches herself off the porch, runs down the driveway and pounces on the newspaper. It is pure joy to see her! What happens next is, umm, destruction. I am still working the kinks out of this training routine. Mattie will toss the paper up, catch it, and then she shakes it vigorously. Eventually she trots up the driveway, into the house and drops it just short of her bowl. That is how Mattie earns her breakfast.

Here is my sketch called FETCH! Movement and expression--not easy! This little piece of art is going to take awhile. I think I captured the wide-eyed crazy look. 


  1. You have captured Mattie's wild eyed excitement! Can imagine her sounds of satisfaction. Love the nest you are building!

  2. Wow! These are great. I just love your pieces in your challenge so far.